10 Best Old Japanese Cars

Japan is one of the most powerful “car manufacturers” in the world. Before World War II, the automobile industry in Japan had made great strides. After the war, from the 1960s, the automobile industry continued to be prioritized for investment and development. Japan’s share in the world automobile market continuously increased, in 1965 it was 3.6%, in 1975 it was 17.9% and now accounts for about 30%. Japan is home to six of the world’s 15 largest automakers. So, do you wonder what old Japanese cars look like? Let’s find out the 10 Best Old Japanese Cars with us now!


Top 10 Best Old Japanese Cars

1. Datsun 240Z

Nissan Motors of Japan developed the Datsun 240Z, commonly known as the Nissan S30, from 1969 until 1978. President of operations for Nissan Motors USA, Yutaka Katayama, presented the 240Z to the US market in 1970.

Due to its positive reception at release and outstanding reviews obtained when it was made available to the general public, the Datsun 240Z assisted in establishing a new image of renowned Japanese automakers. It’s one of the best-selling sports vehicles ever made in the Top 10 Best Old Japanese Cars.

Datsun 240Z
Datsun 240Z- best-selling sports vehicles ever made in the Top 10 Best Old Japanese Cars

With its modern engineering, complete performance, and inexpensive pricing, the Datsun 240Z has quickly overtaken its rivals in Europe as the best-selling vehicle. Nissan Motors has made huge earnings thanks to this series of vehicles.

This vehicle was ranked second among the Top Sports Cars of the 1970s by Sports Car International in 2004.

2. Toyota 2000GT

Only 351 of the Toyota 2000GT, which Toyota produced in conjunction with Yamaha, were ever made. It was the first real sports vehicle in Japan. The 2000GT was first presented to the public at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1965 and was produced by Yamaha under contract from 1967 to 1970.

It demonstrated that its automakers could create a sports car to compete with better European brands as a stylish, high-performance fastback coupe.

Toyota 2000GT
Toyota 2000GT- an expensive car in the Top 10 Best Old Japanese Cars

The company’s first supercar and the first seriously collectible Japanese vehicle today are both known as the 2000GT. Every time one crosses the auction block, collectors are ready to buy it because they are currently in high demand. The majority of instances sold for roughly $500,000 a few years ago, but today they are projected to fetch close to $1 million, it’s an expensive car in the Top 10 Best Old Japanese Cars.

3. Toyota Supra

Toyota Supra is a big sports car and tourer that Toyota Motor Corporation has been making since 1978. From 1978 until 2002, the first four models of the Supra were built. In May 2019, the fifth generation went on sale after beginning production in March 2019.

The style of the Supra was initially inspired by the Toyota Celica, but it has since gotten longer and wider. Due to their resemblance and shared history, Supra and Celica are frequently mistaken for one another. However, because of its inline-6 configuration, the Supra also extensively borrows from the 2000GT. The M engines from the Crown and 2000GT were made available for the first three generations. Interior design features and the “A” chassis code are comparable.

Toyota Supra
Toyota Supra- on of the Top 10 Best Old Japanese Cars

Since its introduction in 1993, the fourth-generation Toyota Supra has been one of the most successful tuning platforms ever. One of the most sought-after objects by collectors is the vehicle. Car costs significantly increased as a result. The Supra is still among the most recognizable Japanese automobiles of all time, nevertheless.

4. Mazda MX-5 Miata NA

With Mazda MX-5 Miata NA offered under the Eunos Roadster brand, it’s simply the old car with the most impressive design ever on the list of Top 10 Best Old Japanese Cars. This car was a first-generation Mazda MX-5 that was built from 1989 to 1997. The MX-5 has become the best-selling sports car in the world when it first went on sale and has received countless automotive honors. On February 10, 1989, the MX-5 was introduced at the Chicago Auto Show and retailed for $14,000.

Mazda MX-5 Miata NA
Mazda MX-5 Miata NA- the most impressive design ever on the list of Top 10 Best Old Japanese Cars

The Miata has few known faults because they are simple to upgrade, inexpensive to acquire, and enjoyable to drive. Because the first-generation NA Miata was one of the best-selling sports cars at the time, there were a lot of used vehicles available on the market for extremely low costs.

They have a tendency to rust, but since replacement parts are readily available, repairing rusted-out panels shouldn’t be a problem. Even with that disadvantage, a Miata can continue to operate for decades after acquiring the initial corrosion patches. Chassis rust is a little more challenging to repair.

5. Nissan Skyline GTR R34

The R34 Skyline GT-R, the fastest and most technologically advanced Skyline, was released in 1998 and was available until 2002. The R34 is more effective than its predecessor’s thanks to its smaller wheelbase and streamlined design.

The R34 Skyline, which sports a contemporary classic, marks the conclusion of an era for Nissan’s Skyline GTR models. It essentially signaled the end of the heyday of JDM-tuned automobiles.

Nissan Skyline GTR R34
Nissan Skyline GTR R34- one of the Top 10 Best Old Japanese Cars

The R34 GTR comes in a variety of unusual variations and special editions, the most expensive of which would set you back more money than the current R35 GTR. For those with the means, it’s a wise purchase because these cars are becoming rarer and rarer and they symbolize Nissan’s zenith of the era.

6. Subaru Impreza WRX STi

The WRX STI versions were based on the regular WRX cars when they were unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show in October 2007. FIA Asia Pacific 2012 featured a Subaru Impreza WRX STI Group R4 competitor.

Subaru Impreza WRX STi
Subaru Impreza WRX STi- the most powerful car in the Top 10 Best Old Japanese Cars

The third-generation model’s name was abbreviated to “Subaru WRX STI,” just like the basic WRX, with the notable exception of the Japanese markets. Subaru chose to construct the STI with a larger body and flared wheel arches to set it apart from the standard WRX. Subaru also employed aluminum for the STI’s suspension parts.

Subaru has stated that “there will be no STI variant for the new generation Subaru WRX” as of March 2022. The 202kW/350Nm engine in the regular WRX is now the most potent version of the racing legend that the company will ever produce, and in our opinion, this car is the most powerful car in the Top 10 Best Old Japanese Cars.

7. Honda NSX

In North America, the Honda NSX is marketed as the Acura NSX. The chief designer Masahito Nakano and chief executive engineer Shigeru Uehara led the design team that created the NSX. The NSX was the first mass-produced automobile with an all-aluminum body in history.

It was unveiled at the 1989 Chicago Auto Show, and since 1990, a plant in Japan has been producing it for sale. Initially offered as a coupe, it has been a convertible since 1995.

Honda NSX
Honda NSX- one of the Top 10 Best Old Japanese Cars

Honda wanted to build a mid-engined sports vehicle with the NSX that would achieve completely new heights in terms of status, performance, refinement, drivability, and reliability. The NSX’s price in its initial year on the market was $62,000.

8. Honda Civic SiR EG6

Honda built cars under the fifth generation Civic name from 1991 to 1995. On September 9, 1991, it made its debut in Japan, where it went on to win the title of Japanese Car of the Year twice.

Lightweight components were employed to build the fuel-efficient Civic generation. The body is larger and the neck has been raised compared to the previous generation to help lessen the shock. The modification makes driving less stressful. Models like the SiR provide a stylish substitute for the standard Type R while still providing an excellent balance of performance, handling, and price.

Honda Civic SiR EG6
Honda Civic SiR EG6- one of the Top 10 Best Old Japanese Cars

The EG6s are in a nice position right now because they are old enough to qualify as true classics but their prices haven’t risen dramatically yet. They are constructed with steadfast dependability in mind, just like many older Hondas, so purchasing one is a ticket to years of pleasure.

9. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV

From 1992 through 2016, the Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Motors produced the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, sometimes known as “Evo,” a sedan and sports car based on the Lancer. There have been ten official iterations to date, and the most well-known iterations all contain Roman numerals as their symbols.

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV introduces a number of noteworthy changes when compared to the previous three iterations of the vehicle. Its unique platform, which reflected the modification made to the standard Lancer at the time, was just one of its first features.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV- one of the Top 10 Best Old Japanese Cars

In the IV, the engine is also rotated for greater weight distribution, and cutting-edge technology like Active YAW Control has been added. The vehicle was designed to adhere to the same racing regulations as earlier Lancer Evolutions competitions. In order to easily travel on both runways and dirt roads, it is therefore made tough.

Evolution IV was used in the movie Initial D when the character of Will Liu was driving the vehicle, and it was also utilized in the film Who Am I? when Jackie Chan’s character was driving the vehicle. He had two Evolution 4 vehicles: one white and one gray.

10. Isuzu 117 Coupe

Last on the list of Top 10 Best old Japanese Cars is Isuzu 117 Couple- a product of the Isuzu brand.

In production by the Japanese carmaker Isuzu from 1968 until 1981, the Isuzu 117 Coupe is a small Gran Turismo 2-door coupe. A cooperative development effort for coupes, sedans, and station wagons for the Isuzu mid-size car is known by the code name “117”. The latter two later evolved into the Isuzu Florian, although the coupe retained its original moniker. Both versions also shared the same mechanical components, such as the FR-layout chassis with circulating ball steering.

Isuzu 117 Coupe
Isuzu 117 Coupe- Last on the list of Top 10 Best old Japanese Cars

One of the first Japanese automobiles designed by an Italian stylist was the 117 Coupe, which was created by the renowned Giorgetto Giugiaro. One of the earliest Japanese automobiles with a DOHC engine, it also included the country’s first electronic fuel injection system. The 117 Coupe might be regarded as the first sports car with a diesel engine ever made.

Despite being a very exclusive vehicle when it was new and a sought-after collector’s item today, Isuzu has produced 86,192 units because of the car’s extremely lengthy lifespan. The Isuzu Piazza has taken the 117 Coupe’s position in the lineup.


The auto industry is over 200 years old with the rise and fall of many brands. However, some of the long-standing automakers mentioned above still exist from the day they were founded to this day. The rarity and durability of each car that survives to this day correspond to a huge price tag that many people dream of owning. Hopefully, the article Top 10 Best Old Japanese Cars will help you know some basic information about old Japanese cars.

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