Hello Kitty Car: 10 Car Models You Won’t Believe Are Real

The most famous cat in the world is most likely Sanrio’s Hello Kitty. She’s conquering the world and making over $7 billion a year, and she’s even left her mark on cars.

Who among us has never owned a Hello Kitty toy or backpack? No one can avoid seeing Hello Kitty on television or on any merchandise that capitalizes on her popularity. This cat is meant to be everywhere. In this hello kitty car topic, we will introduce you to 10 car models that you won’t believe exist in the world.


Hello Kitty Car: Top 10 Incredible Models

Hello, Kitty is a design partnership juggernaut, relying on her adorable persona and “controversial” persona to entice auto manufacturers and automotive fans to put her face on their vehicles. Here are 10 Hello Kitty vehicles that you may not have known actually existed.

1. Hello Kitty Ferrari

Hello Kitty Ferrari

Hello Kitty craze has even reached Ferrari 360. It seems that the driver of this vehicle is a very passionate Hello Kitty. Otherwise, he or she will not be engaging in what Ferrari fanatics might consider a serious offense.

Hello Kitty has left her mark on everything, including the side mirrors, interior, and exhaust. Just remember that the owner of the Ferrari didn’t use your money to buy a car if you find yourself baffled by what they did. In general, the car is not quite cute, but the charm of the car has made the cat become more unique and mature in a more mysterious way. The appearance of this Hello Kitty car is a poison that is both sweet and seductive.

2. Hello Kitty Polski Fiat

Hello Kitty Polski Fiat

When you think you’ve seen it all, this Polski Fiat Hello Kitty car will surprise you. Thanks to its owner (whoever he or she may be) who made it current and relevant to the younger generation, this Polish classic from the 1960s seems to not be outdated. Given that this Hello Kitty car is considered historic, it took a lot of guts to make the customization, but fortunately, it was a success.

This Fiat 126 is the ideal vehicle to get the kids ready in the morning and drive them to school thanks to its pink exterior, pink interior, and Hello Kitty graphics.

3. Hello Kitty Volkswagen Bug

Hello Kitty Volkswagen Bug

Even if it seems like the Hello Kitty cars on this list are getting weirder and crazier as we go along, the following car is all about confounding you. What can be said about a cat having an unexpected friendship with a beetle, specifically a beetle?

This Volkswagen Hello Kitty bug is all about quirks in abundance. However, it is difficult to take your eyes off this collaboration, no matter what the public might think of this Hello Kitty car. It conjures up images of cats lying in the sun and fields of sunflowers on a sunny day.

4. Hello Kitty Smart Car 

Hello Kitty Smart Car Is Kinda Smart

Sanrio has partnered with Smart USA to create Hello Kitty covers that fit two smart vehicles for the company’s 50th anniversary. Fans of this unassuming but cute hello kitty and hello kitty car can choose from 20 different Hello Kitty designs, which range in price from $550 to $1700 each.

Through this partnership, the two fan communities will be brought together and given the opportunity to experience both Hello Kitty and small car cultures in one unique vehicle. The public’s reaction to the concept was varied, but there’s no denying the cuteness overdose. After all, what else would you expect from an adorable cat and a cute car?

5. Hello Kitty Daihatsu

Hello Kitty Daihatsu

A series of Hello Kitty cars have been developed and sold by Daihatsu Motors Japan, driving fans of the world’s most famous cat into a frenzy. Daihatsu sells 200 of these Hello Kitty cars a month thanks to these fans.

Notable features of the Hello Kitty car are the Hello Kitty center covers, steering wheel, seat covers, instrument panels, and emblems. Heck, the key itself is designed to resemble Hello Kitty’s head. These Hello Kitty vehicle-specific features and details demonstrate Daihatsu’s extensive understanding of both the automotive industry and the Hello Kitty universe, as well as Daihatsu’s talent to leverage this expertise.

6. Hello Kitty Porsche 

Hello Kitty Porsche Is Porsche Real

We know that pairing an adorable cat with a cute car creates a cute design. However, what if Hello Kitty partnered with a German sports car manufacturer? Consider Porsche, for example.

Although it may be confusing, there is a Porsche Hello Kitty car. While some Porsche enthusiasts, at least the sports car brand, may find this partnership odd, Hello Kitty lovers are generally unfazed by it. Moreover, speed is not only associated with strength and grit. A sports car can be lovable while still maintaining a solid stance and a strong reputation. All elements can be balanced in this model.

7. Hello Kitty Toyota

Hello Kitty Toyota


This fun combo has been made by Mitsubishi, Honda, and Daihatsu, so Toyota has no reason not to work with Hello Kitty. Owners of this Toyota Scion, or should we say the car, can be a little more restrained when it comes to showing their affection for Hello Kitty. But hold off until you see inside. The phrase “subtle” will cease to be a word when you see it. From the inside, it screams Hello Kitty, which may be too much for detractors.

Toyota’s Scion is a youth-focused brand, always aiming to appeal to young people. Even generations younger than the original Toyota Scion target market will find what this Scion owner has accomplished appealing.

8. Hello Kitty Honda 

Hello Kitty Honda

Love it or hate it, the effect of Hello Kitty is difficult to reverse because Japanese cars like Honda and Hello Kitty go well together. The combination of Honda and Hello Kitty can make little girls scream and urge their parents to buy them one, just as the Smart Fortwo and Hello Kitty combination can.

9. Hello Kitty Mitsubishi Mirage 

Mitsubishi Mirage

Without a pairing of a Japanese car and a Japanese cartoon character, what is a Hello Kitty car list? Mitsubishi revealed a limited-edition Hello Kitty Mirage in 2013. The 40th birthday of the cherished feline is celebrated with this partnership.

This limited-edition Mirage has Hello Kitty upholstery and hubcaps with the Hello Kitty ribbon. It is bright pink in color. The Hello Kitty Mirage was said to have eventually gone on sale outside of Japan, where it was first sold. To the disappointment of Hello Kitty enthusiasts everywhere, the rumor ultimately proved to be nothing more than that.

10. Hello Kitty Mustang

Hello Kitty Mustang

A Nashville lady dressed up her 2006 Ford Mustang as a Hello Kitty automobile for her kids. Takiyah Middleton put all the Hello Kitty decorations in her car by herself because she wanted to be the hippest mother to her two kids.

Her daughter Akiva said that she appreciated getting picked up from school in the customized Hello Kitty Mustang, proving that her efforts had paid off. Everyone in her neighborhood adores her car, in fact. She claimed that they grinned when they saw the automobile. This proves that Hello Kitty’s charms are genuinely hard to resist.


Whether they are a marketing ploy or not, these Hello Kitty cars will excite young women, cat enthusiasts, and even toy collectors. And it is safe to say that we won’t be seeing the last of them for very long as long as “kawaii” is fashionable.

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