The 7 Best Health Insurance Broker Services in The UK

Based on client reviews, scope of services and expertise, industry awards and customer service levels, these are best health insurance broker services for 2023:


1 Sandbourne (Health insurance broker services)

Based in Bournemouth, Dorset, Sandbourne is an independent broker with a five-star rating from the Financial Conduct Authority. In our perspective, they differ from other brokers in a number of ways. They are a small team that offers their clients a highly individualized level of service.

Sandbourne (Health insurance broker services)
Sandbourne (Health insurance broker services)

Instead of running a sizable call center, they concentrate on offering excellent advice supported by unrivaled expertise in private medical insurance. We are consistently amazed by how much time their brokers devote to their clients, never rushing or pressuring them in a particular direction.

The team can assist with life insurance, income protection, and much more because they are informed with different insurance services.

2 Assured Futures (Health insurance broker services)

Assured Futures, a division of the enormous global insurance brokerage Howden Group Holdings, specializes in health insurance and works with all of the top insurers on the market, including SAGA, Legal & General, and Vitality. You can get a free will, health support, and entrance into a drawing, as well as other benefits, when you arrange your health insurance via Assured Futures. Through its brokers, you can also request rates for life insurance and income security.

Both customers and peers in the sector give Assured Futures great marks. Outstanding Customer Outcome was recognized in 2021 at the Business Quality Awards. It currently has 1685 ratings on Trustpilot, with an average rating of 4.9/5. Assured Futures is praised for its exceptional customer service, as well as for the knowledge and friendliness of each of its brokers.

3 Globacare (Health insurance broker services)

Leading provider of private medical, life, and foreign health insurance, Globacare has an unmatched track record for exceeding clients’ expectations. Currently, Working Feedback, a review portal, has received over 500 5-star evaluations for them.

Globacare is in a great position to assist you in selecting a health insurance coverage because it has access to many of the UK’s top health insurers. Globacare can advise you on life insurance, income protection plans, and business protection insurance in addition to helping you with your private health insurance coverage.

Globacare’s advisors merit being towards the top of our list due to their “Outstanding knowledge and attention to detail,” as one recent reviewer noted.

4 First Choice Health and Protection (Health insurance broker services)

Gareth Tunstill, the CEO of First Choice Health and Protection, has years of experience advising clients on all available health insurance options. When clients work with Gareth and his team, they will experience top-notch service from beginning to end, with a thorough study of all of the alternatives available and the expertise to discover solutions for any potential problems. First Choice has a devoted clientele and can assist with both individual medical insurance and workplace plans. The majority of their revenue comes from word-of-mouth referrals.

First Choice Health and Protection (Health insurance broker services)
First Choice Health and Protection (Health insurance broker services)

Look no further than First Choice Health and Protection if you want knowledgeable counsel from a group that goes above and beyond for their consumers.

5 Continue My Healthcare (Health insurance broker services)

Since Continue My Healthcare only provides health insurance and no other types of insurance, they are relatively unique among brokers. It implies that they are industry professionals who have a pulse on what’s available and suitable for you. With options from major insurers like Aviva and AXA Health to smaller players, Continue My Healthcare provides the private health insurance for you, your family, or your business that you require.

Continue Matt Gibbs, who created My Healthcare, was interested in private healthcare after his father passed away from cancer and after witnessing his experiences with the NHS. In order to create enduring relationships with his clients, Matt offers individualized, non-jargon expertise, unbiased counsel, and top-notch client care.

6 Drewberry (Health insurance broker services)

Although Drewberry provides a wide range of services and has developed into a sizable financial adviser, health insurance is still a key component of its offering. They have offices in London and Brighton and now have over 3000 reviews, earning them an overall rating of 4.92 out of 5. Even though they include all of their offerings, including private health insurance, investments, and pensions, these reviews give an indication of the caliber of their services.

Drewberry has relationships with all of the top companies, so it can offer you a variety of private health insurance rates to choose from. Despite having a sizable staff, they promise that you will work with a specific adviser from beginning to end so that you receive a high-quality personalized service.

7 Anderson Health (Health insurance broker services)

The City of London-based independent private medical insurance broker Anderson Health also has offices in Brazil, South Africa, and the Middle East. Anderson Health takes pride in its expertise in international health insurance, which includes insurance for expats and customized policies for staff members of oil and gas firms. The company has served clients with a base in the UK for more than 25 years.

Anderson Health (Health insurance broker services)
Anderson Health (Health insurance broker services)

According to Anderson Health, they are consultants, not salespeople. They are there to assist people whose insurance costs increase each year but who are unsure of what to do about it. They work with all of the top insurers, including Bupa, Aviva, and AXA Health. Reviews note the amount of money they can save their clients while still offering flawless, customized service.

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