6 Wonderful Things To Do In West Virginia In Winter

If you are a winter travel enthusiast and are looking for the ideal places to go this winter, look no further. You can choose from a wide variety of travel options in West Virginia. There is truly something for everyone, from seeing waterfalls in a state park to getting a massage at “America’s Resort.” The stunning snow-capped mountains of this Appalachian region are one of the nicest things about West Virginia in the winter. This article will introduce some fun things to do in West Virginia in winter. Read the whole article.


Wonderful things to do in West Virginia in winter

Snowshoe Mountain

Mount Snowshoe is a great winter destination that offers plenty of activities whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skier. Snowshoe is a ski resort with 251 skiable acres that is located in the middle of a wilderness area. It has 57 trails, free shuttle service up and down the mountain, a wide range of dining establishments, gift and equipment shops, and a 3,600 square meter spa. Other winter activities available to visitors include tub tours, horseback riding, and sleigh excursions with four-course banquets.

You may ski, sled, or take a ski school course at Snowshoe Mountain. Mountain biking, hiking, canoeing, lake kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, Segway tours, golfing, and other activities are available to guests. The resort is there for you when you’re ready to unwind day and night. You’ll be happy with every meal thanks to top-notch eating alternatives including the mountaintop restaurant and the lakeside snack bar. In addition, Snowshoe, a nearby community, has some of the most well-known dining establishments and shopping centers.

Snowshoe Mountain

The Greenbrier Resort

The next list of things to do in West Virginia in winter is The Greenbrier Resort. Coming to West Virginia, it is impossible to miss the most luxurious American resort Greenbrier. Open to visitors since 1778, this resort is truly famous for being hosted by the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Princess Grace of Monaco, Bob Hope, Elenor Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and many more. , including 25 other US presidents to visit. You never imagined it right? Since then, Greenbrier has become extremely popular and attracts a large number of tourists to visit each year.

The Greenbrier Resort

The hotel is very tasteful and strikingly designed. Black and white tiles, rococo scrolls, baroque plaster works, and colorful, extravagant prints adorn the walls throughout the hotel, which are today regarded as elements of the Hollywood Regency interior design style. You’ll need a few moments to settle down and take everything in when you first arrive at the resort. Bold color or pattern covers every inch of the furniture, floor, and walls.

On their 11,000-acre property, The Greenbrier offers more than 55 indoor and outdoor activities in addition to giving guests a stunning interior environment. Some of these pursuits include falconry, horseback riding, off-road driving, spearfishing, golf, tennis, and off-road driving. In addition, there are over 13 on-site eating options, a private casino, an indoor pool, a bowling alley, bunker tours, afternoon tea, and Mineral Spa.

White Grass country touring Center

Attractive things to do in West Virginia in winter are the White Grass Country touring Center. With 180 inches of snow on average each year, Tucker County and the Canaan Valley are among the top locations in North America for cross-country skiing. Try the White Grass Touring Center if you like the idea or want to give it a try.

In the Canaan Valley of West Virginia, the White Grass Visitor Center has offered cross-country skiing and snowshoeing for more than 30 years. Their well-kept 60-kilometer trail network extends from 3,220 feet below the lodge to 4,463 feet on Weiss Knob, the highest point in Tucker County. Additionally, the center provides food options, equipment rentals, and machine-groomed paths for visitors. Additionally, if you wish to learn, they provide ski instruction for all skill levels and degrees.
White Grass country touring Center

Stroll through the quaint towns of Davis and Thomas

Visit Davis, West Virginia, if you prefer shopping at neighborhood stores or dining at a family-run establishment. Although Davis and its neighbor Thomas are both small, they more than makeup for it with their charm and personality. Near the Davis National Bank structure, one store you must see is Wild Ginger and Spice. Incense, tie-dyed clothing, bath salts, and other quirky products are all around this modest store, which anyone with a free soul will find funny.

If you’re feeling hungry, stop by Sirianni’s Pizza Cafe in Davis for some great Italian food. It’s not just pizza here, they have a great selection of salads, sandwiches, and pasta. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and the food is delicious – no wonder their secret recipes have been passed down for generations.

stroll through the quaint towns of davis and thomas

Blackwater Falls State Park 

Blackwater Falls State Park in Tucker County’s Allegheny Mountains is one of West Virginia’s most breathtaking locations to visit in the winter. The 57-foot-tall Blackwater Falls, whose waters are amber in color, gave the park its name. The tannic acid of the sycamore tree and the red spruce needles actually tint the water, contrary to what many tourists frequently believe.

Blackwater Falls State Park 

The lovely scene is breathtaking, with trees blanketed with snow. With more than 10 miles of cross-country skiing and snowshoeing tracks and breathtaking vistas of Blackwater Canyon, the park is a popular winter escape. The longest ski run on the East Coast is located in the park. A heated cabin adjacent serves hot beverages and handmade soups, and the quarter-mile groomed track features a conveyor belt to transfer sleds and snowmobiles to the top of the hill. those that enjoy skiing.

A short and simple trail leads to the waterfall (only 0.3 miles). Up until you reach the first waterfall observation step, you will be descending the wooden steps for around five minutes. From this point, you can descend further stairs to the trail’s terminus, which is a platform close to Blackwater Falls.

Philippi covered bridge

The covered bridges make a stunning scene in the winter snow, surrounded by quaint little towns or undulating farmland. The oldest and longest covered bridge in West Virginia is the 285-foot Philippi Covered Bridge over the Tygart Valley River, which was constructed in 1852. Additionally, it holds enormous historical value in the location of the American Civil War’s first land fight. You might also want to schedule a tour of Adaland Mansion if you’re in the neighborhood between Thanksgiving and New Year’s when the historic house is festively decorated. These are the last things to do in West Virginia in winter that we want to introduce to you in this article.

Things To Do In West Virginia In Winter

In conclusion, if you’re planning a trip to West Virginia, you can rest assured that there’s plenty to do here. We’ve rounded up some of the hot things to do in West Virginia in winter in this article. The outdoor enthusiasts in your group will adore this vacation because it is filled with stunning, natural attractions including hiking trails, rock climbing, and more. There are numerous resorts, theaters, museums, and other attractions that would also be in keeping with your preferences if you would like a more relaxed stay, though. Make sure your trip will be really unforgettable, and you won’t be let down, I promise.

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